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  • Since ancient times the Cinderella story has appealed to millions, with spin-offs like Pretty Woman and Slumdog Millionaire reinforcing the rags-to-riches narrative in the popular psyche. The two most famous retellings until Disney are wildly contrasting: the gentle moralising of Charles Perrault in 1697 and the graphic violence of the Brothers Grimm in 1812. Yet both were designed to teach life-lessons to children through metaphor and moral example; and both stories climax in the metamorphosis of Cinderella from downtrodden child to powerful princess. She represents the lonely child within us all. She’s recognized for her inner goodness. She sparkles in fabulous shoes and a killer ball-gown. She wins the Prince and has revenge on her detractors. It’s no wonder Cinderella is the most enduring fairytale of them all.

    This panel discussion explores the resonances of Cinderella in contemporary life, through her many manifestations in literature, on stage and on screen.

    Moderated by Radio National's Kate Evans, panelists include:

    Lindy Hume: Artistic Director, Opera Queensland,
    Dr Lisa Bode: Film and Television Studies lecturer at the University of Queensland.
    Dr Sally Breen: Creative Writing and Publishing lecturer at Griffith University and author of both fiction and non-fiction works, including the just released Atomic City.

    To register your interest in attending the third in the series of talks as part of OperaQ Studio's program The Space Between, email us.

    July 2013
    Thursday 4

    Studio 420
    ABC South Bank
    114 Grey Street, South Brisbane

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